Add Some Sparkle

Make Your Statement

Embellish and add sparkle to your body with jewelry. We can help you make a statement that expresses your personal style!

With years of experience, you can feel secure that our piercing artist, Anibal, will provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Our piercing services are conducted in a clean, safe, and calm environment using hypoallergenic titanium jewelry.

For personalized service, please contact us to arrange a free consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

Full Body Piercings

With almost 20 years of piercing experience, our artist, Anibal, can add some glitz to ears, face, and body.

Two young women laying next to each other with pierced noses and ears


  • Expert advice
  • Variety of titanium jewelry
  • Experienced in our craft
  • Clean, safe, and relaxing environment
  • Detailed after-care instructions