About Us

Together, We Make Skin Beautiful

Sandra and Anibal at Beauty Blends Tattoo and Spa

Our Focus is You!

Beauty Blends Tattoo & Spa has three main focuses: improving skin health, enhancing natural beauty and self-expression.

We treat your skin as a canvas ready to be beautified, whether through skin care, laser treatments, jewelry application or tattoos. Whatever the service, our goal is to help you feel more confident.

Our Philosophy

We believe that beauty is the ability to be confident, enhancing what you have, and being a pure expression of yourself, inside and out.

Our Mission

We want to create a getaway from your everyday stress, with non-toxic beauty care that has natural ingredients and organic plant-based products to bring you into a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Somewhere where anyone and everyone can find the way towards loving their inner essence. We aspire for Beauty Blends Tattoo & Spa to be your guidance to connect with the art within your beauty by promoting self-care, self-expression and self-confidence.

Your skin is a unique work of art!

The Story

Beauty Blends Tattoo & Spa was created when an inspired couple, Anibal Mercado and Sandra Fuentes, decided to merge their independent businesses into one.

Fate brought them together twice in high school (a good story worth asking about when you visit). They started their life together from a very young age, each with their own dreams. Sandra aspired to be an esthetician and a part of the beauty industry. Anibal pursued his dream of being a great tattoo artist and without knowing it, the seed of Beauty Blends was planted.

Life took its course, and after raising a family it was time for something more, something bigger. Sandra always knew she and Anibal could accomplish great success together in business, so she introduced him to the world of skin care. Each with a focus on enhancing and beautifying the skin, their careers were, in fact, quite similar.

Experience was on their side with 18 years as a tattoo artist and five years as an esthetician, when they decided they were ready to create something new together. Like instant magic, everything started to flow naturally, reassuring them this was the right decision. It was happening!

Driven by their passion for what they do, their love for beautifying the skin through treatments and tattoos, a blend of art and beauty culminated in Beauty Blends Tattoo & Spa.

Sandra from Beauty Blends Tattoo and Spa

Meet Sandra

Sandra A. Fuentes | Esthetician & Permanent Makeup Artist Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Puerto Rico, Sandra has been a professional esthetician for over 5 years and launched her own beauty business, NuEssence, 2 years ago. After focusing on family as a stay-at-home-mom, she pursued her dream of helping others feel more confident in their skin by attending and graduating from Continental Beauty school in 2017. Longing for more skills and knowledge in her new profession, Sandra attended several beauty seminars and trainings in New York City, where she earned her permanent makeup certification. Sandra is very passionate about what she does and sees the beauty industry as an opportunity to help others by inspiring confidence and improving self-esteem. She specializes in a variety of treatments: facials, laser skin treatments, chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, body treatments, permanent makeup, and sensory pedicures – a unique technique she created. Seeing her clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy every time they walk out of the salon is the most fulfilling sensation that she will never trade for anything!
Anibal of Beauty Blends Tattoo and Spa

Meet Anibal

Anibal Mercado | Medical Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Artist & Piercer

Anibal is a Puerto Rican tattoo artist with almost 20 years of experience. Anibal loved the art of tattooing from day one when he spent his free time in high school drawing “tattoos” on his friends.

Before moving to Buffalo, NY, Anibal began tattooing in 2009 in his native Puerto Rico. After completing several apprenticeships, he opened his own tattoo studio, Mandala Ink, in 2012. Dedicated to improving his skills and perfecting his techniques, Anibal continually attends workshops and conventions.

As a true tattoo artist, Anibal is well-versed in many different tattoo styles. The experience he gives his clients is one of art, good vibes, and meaningful conversations.

Making Your Skin Beautiful is Our Art

We Look Forward to Treating You

  • Laser skin treatments
  • Holistic skin care treatments
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Medical tattoos
  • Tattoo removal
  • Permanent makeup
  • Body treatments