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Express Yourself

We look forward to helping you express yourself!

Please contact us at (716) 994-4291 or through our contact form to book your appointment.
A deposit is required to book all appointments.



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To ensure a personalized experience, all medical tattoos require a consultation.



Stretch marks and scar camouflage

3D areola pigmentation

Mastectomy areola pigmentation treatment

To Begin

Good tattoos take time and require planning. Before starting the tattoo process, I’ll ask the following questions and have you send me reference photos to give me the opportunity to learn more about your style and your ideas to create the perfect design for you.

Do you want to fix, cover up, or create an entirely new tattoo?

What tattoo or idea do you have in mind?
Send photos of references so I can get a feel for your tastes and style.

Where on the body do you want your tattoo?
Send a photo and circle the area of the body where you want the tattoo.

About what size do you want the tattoo?
Circle on a photo or provide the measurements in inches.

Would this tattoo be colored, black and gray, or another style?


Payment Details

Tattoo hourly rate is $150. An exact price cannot be quoted, but can be estimated based on the information given about the design.


For New Tattoos

A deposit of $200 is required to make an appointment. $50 covers the time it takes to design your tattoo and $150 is a deposit to secure your appointment. If you change the design at the last minute, there will be an additional charge of $50.

The deposit will be part of the total cost and will be applied at the end of the last session. Deposits can be sent through Zelle, Paypal or CashApp. Payment details will follow after consulting.

Once the deposit is received, we can coordinate the appointment to begin the tattoo. The deposit is to secure your appointment and is non-refundable, without exception.

To change an appointment, I must be notified 48 hours in advance of the appointment, and your deposit will be held for your next appointment. Otherwise, you will lose your deposit. Once the deposit is sent, you are accepting these conditions. Thank you.